Primco is a promotions company. We also source quality food products, and dun, dun duuun; produce a world renowned alternative radio station; It’s all about the meat n music.

The foodie bit… Primco provides quality meats, seafood and gourmet foods for our Phuket based customers. Using some of the best meat and seafood producers in Australia, primarily form small family run sustainable farms, along with the finest foodie-goodies here in Phuket we have compiled our clients favourites. We also cater for vegan and vegetarian options. What, and quite literally started as a cottage industry making cottage pies has grown with the passion for providing quality goods to make home-cooking affordable with the best ingredients available.

The music bit…, formerly AsiaLIFE Radio, is an alternative radio station to the ‘burger’ stations, although it just so happens we provide exceptional burgers too. We have professional broadcasters, we’re professionally managed and produced and we’re quite partisan about the fact that we’re the genuine article for discerning listeners. We have a passion for music. We also broadcast world news, documentaries and comedy shows. We like to mix it up with; alternative, indie, rock, hip-hop, banter, punk, ska, reggae, documentaries, metal, funk, soul, comedy, skank, pyschadelic, news, house, jazz…

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